2nd Hour Classes

 Join in on Early Church: 2nd hour classes
Every Sunday, 10:50am-12pm

A chance to discover God, invest in community, and grow in faith
The Upper Room: (Errol & Rhonda Carrim; Rm 217)  A study & discussion of various Biblical passages.

Times Square (Brent Peterson: Forum)   A study of the life of Christ, and specific Lenten consideration of Jesus' invitation to follow Him.

Living out the Message: (Tracy & Dianne Owen; gym) A discussion making practical application to the morning sermon.

Today's Persecuted Church: (Dan Dillon; Conf Rm) Understanding Christian persecution and how it applies to us in today's context.

Young(er) Marrieds: (Lloyd & Linda Cartwright; Y14/15) A study by Andy Stanley called "Community: Your Pathway to Progress".

Clase Para Hablar En Espanol: (Bob & Donna Hudson; Y9) Unase a nosotros en miercoles por la noche mientras discutimos las doctrinas de la iglesia del Nazareno.

FOUNDATIONS: (C.S.Cowles & Deanna Kinsman, CM218) A discussion and exploration of the basic foundations of our faith. Current focus is "The call to Follow Christ: A Journey into Joy".


** Y Rooms are downstairs. Follow the signs near the two main entrances.

James Austin
Phone:(208) 466-3549