"PRACTICALLY SPEAKING"... a forum to make life application to Pastor Kent's Sunday morning message and discuss how it is impacting our thoughts and actions.  
We invite you to share your thoughts with us.  Our hope is that this will be another tool to create connectivity within our community of faith. 
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Surrendered Failures


                                                                 Sweet Surrendered Failures!

Pastor Kent spoke on John 21 this last week. About surrendered failures. He reminded us that God Specializes in taking failures that are surrendered to Him and Making Success out of them. Kent exposed to us that unsurrendered failures are diminished possibilities. And that recognizing the Presence of the LORD changes everything. That God takes failures and produces results, fruitfulness and fellowship, passionate Obedience and bountifulness brought by Him into our Starboard thrown net which will no longer tear or break, and can hold what it took three tearing nets to hold before! {Jn 21:11, Lk 5:6}.

As Pastor Kent spoke, I had to keep myself glued to my chair, as I still struggle with “Nazarene Etiquette”, and figured it probably would be a new and uncomfortable thing for someone to run up to the prayer altar and weep away during a sermon...then Pastor opened the altars for prayer, to surrender our defeats. You bet I was on my knees within minutes, praying and releasing.

You see, I used to “white-out/erase” my failures. I told myself this was to clear the way for a better, more productive, finally successful, fresh start. Pulling the weeds out of the dead garden,  preparing for a new Kingdom Crop for God. But since my time at the altar, and meditating/contemplating sermon all this week, I realize I was hiding my defeats and failures, in shame and fear. In denial and desperation.

And any Fruit of the Spirit, any seeds planted, would not grow to their fullness intended, would not have the power God designed, because they would be growing in a soil of no nutrients, no richness, like the fig tree not bearing figs when He Desired one. Like a net that breaks. Even with other nets. Tearing when He Shows up to bring His lost and forgotten and hurting people to us.

At that altar I not only left things, I left with things. I got up empowered. Through prayer that is growing at NFC, we are together weaving that unbreakable net of Love and Compassion and Help, and we are ready to cast it in whatever direction God Directs, Starboard included! I sit in this boat called NFC with my Kingdom family, and anticipate a new chapter of church history as we set out in one hundred year old journey at NFC in Nampa Idaho. 

With Pastor Kent at the helm, we hold up our woven net of prayer, and say yes LORD yes!  Thank you Pastor Kent for yet another life changing message, amen and amen!

Sermon response

 Sermon Journal

                So my awesome Sunday School class that meets in the gym is high discussion about sermon.  One of us is going on a mission early next year.  This brought up being an Advance Team, preparing the way, in different settings, the difficulty and the advantages.

                As I got home and typed up my sermon notes {not because I am compulsive, but because I can’t read my writing later, LOL}, my heart was tugged at by the Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because so many of the Bible people we read about had legitimate reasons why “it doesn’t work” to evangelize.  Why they couldn’t “Help that one”, why the paths couldn’t be made straight, valley filled in, mountains made low, crooked paths made straight, rough places made smooth.  But they didn’t use excuses.  They used their lives, and their sweat, and they sacrificed, rejoicing all the while.

                When we love unconditionally, when we build relationship with those around us, giving the support and love of God to those around us, reaching out to Believers and non-Believers, when we open our church doors to programs like Celebrate Recovery and let the hurting and needy into our midst, are we not then, being the Advance Team for the Great Commission?  There was a point in my life when all that existed were mountains, valleys, crooked paths and rough places. 

                It took many Saints making many sacrifices to get me to where I am today.  God is not finished with me yet, but alleluia, I live for Him every single day.  I am a Nazarene now, and find God filling in the valleys with truths about prevenient grace and entire sanctification.  God Has, through Celebrate Recovery, removed the mountains of pain and fear in my life.  The rough places are becoming smooth footing as I continue in His Ways, the crooked ways of wounded victimized thinking are becoming clear and straight…And the more I am freed from past conceptualizations, the firmer the footing I have to ever Have A Closer Walk with my community of Nazarene family as we travel together being God’s Advance Team, Filled with His Holy Spirit, Empowered by His Word, and Speaking/Doing His Will in our hurting, needy world, full of people lost in the hopelessness that I used to think was life.

                Thanks for another great sermon, Pastor Kent.  And thanks for another thought-digging-deeper Sunday School class Don and Linda!

Sermon respongse

 Sermon Response

Once again our Pastor Kent touched everyone's heart in an individual and in a community way with his sermon this last Sunday.

For me, it was what was NOT done by Jesus in that Wilderness Fast that God is using to stir my heart.  Not once did Jesus entertain, even consider, the validness of satan's statements.  He rebuked them with the Words of God from Deuteronomy.

So, as I have been meditating on the sermon and where God has me in my life right now, I am moved beyond comprehension by the fact that Jesus is so close to the Heart of the Father that never once did He doubt.  Doubt His Purpose, doubt the Father's Plan, doubt that even one of those stones around His Feet in that Wilderness, stones He had helped the Father create, stones that satan said could become bread.....

Not one of those stones were to be bread.  The Father Had made them stones, and stones they were.  Jesus was Thankful for and Understood each and every Purpose of the Father's Creation, and was Thankful for and Accepting of all circumstances.

So God, my cry is that You help me have a Sanctified Heart, that is Thankful for the stones in my own wilderness, during this season of thanks, help me to truly understand and be thankful in my heart for what You have Created in my world.  Make my heart so one with Yours, that we may be One as Jesus and You are One, as He Prayed for Your Church to be One, amen.


 Thanks Stephanie for sharing!

Response and invitationto Pastor Kent's challenge

Pastor Kent 's sermon on Aug 19th included an invitation to consider fasting through September for the October 7th through October 10th revival to be held at Nampa First Church led by Dan Bohi.
Unbeknownst to Pastor Kent, I had been recently led of God to fast, and was still seeking from Him what I should fast for and about. Confirmation, especially from the sermon, in perfect timing, is both empowering and faith-building, so please excuse my excitement about this!
Heb 12:29 is the verse God has laid on my heart, "For our God is a consuming fire."
And Ps 19:12, "Who can understand his errors?  Cleanse Thou me from secret faults."
From Aug 19th to October 7th is exactly 50 days, our own Pentecost span of days!
As a member of NFC, I am learning through God and Pastor's sermons, the power and necessity of community.  Please join me in this Blog, with your prayers, fastings, and impressions from God for our October revival here at NFC.
Pray for the individual and the congregation, pray for Dan Bohi, for weather, for traveling, for attendance and honest willing open hearts.  A hurting world needs us to burn with fire for our God and for one another. 
Pastor Kent has said we are called not to maintenance but to mission, that we are to ask, "What does this mean," and "What shall we do?"
I have a partial answer, and need others to stand with me, or rather, get down on their knees with me.  What does this mean, it means, seek how to fast for October, how to prepare your heart and the hearts of others to receive and move in response to what God's fire will bring as it falls on us as it fell at Pentecost.
What shall we do?  Pray, fast, believe, prepare.  Believe in Prevenient Grace, and be ready to love and reach out, with protection, with unity, and in availability, amen and amen!
Pastor Kent has said that the community of close walkers willl be known by the validity of transformation in the Unity of the Holy Spirit.  Will you join with this Blog, and we can walk together to our own Pentecost experience, right here in Nampa Idaho, right now in October of 2012?
I look forward to hearing from you on this blog! Responses need to sent to: earlychurch@gmail.com

Yours In Christ Jesus,
Steph Alderman 



"A Closer Walk "

Pathway of Newness of Life

current sermon series

You and I are invited to a closer walk.  We are constantly choosing to stay close to the Lord or to move away.

Sometimes the closer walk doesn't take us where we thought it would.

Do We Trust God?

Do you have a comment or story to tell about "walking the closer walk"?




Sunday, December 18

Sermon:  "The Mary Song"

Scripture: Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26 & Luke 1:46-55

There is beauty in the Mary Song, but there is also dynamite.



Sunday, Nov. 20th

Sermon title:  "God Is Our Shepherd" 

Scripture readings:  Ezekial 34:11-16; Matthew 25:31-46

Sermon lesson:  Psalm 23

Jehovah-Rohi--The Lord provides, directs, leads, and cares for His people.



Sunday, Nov. 13th

Sermon:  "In the Meantime"

Lectionary reading:  Psalm 123 & Matthew 25:14-30




 Jehovah-M'Kaddesh is God our sanctifier


"Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the

Lord your God.  Keep my decrees and follow them.  I am

the Lord, who makes you holy." Leviticus 20:7-8


God comes to live in us throught the Holy Spirit if we are willing to invite him.  He wants to provide us with everything needed to live in vital relationship and fellowship with the Trinity.


We want the relationship on our terms not His.

He is the one who makes us holy.


Are you willing? 








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