The Landing

 The Landing is a yearlong program that Helps our teens through the Hurts Habits and Hang-ups of their lives. The lessons are based around the idea that teen learn and process differently in life. We bring the lessons to them in a more hands on atmosphere, through activities and videos.
The videos we use are primarily from the Skit Guys,, and Igniter Media,, these videos bring laughter, thought and deep messages to the students. 

We are meeting on Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00. If you are hungry we eat at 6:00 in the gym, with a donation of $3. We worship with the adults in the gym as a family and then move downstairs to the Forum to work with our own lessons.
The lessons are made to teach teen the tools to make it through those hard times of life. we give the students:
We still hold the same 12 steps and Biblical principle as Celebrate Recovery. So please come check it out and share the healing and love that Christ Provides through this amazing experience!  Hope to see you all there.