Youth Group Rhythm

Here is a quick synopsis of how our Youth Group works each year. For more details on what each element is, scroll down this page for a full description.  


9:30am - 10:45am in the Forum during the school year.

NFCU is our Sunday school program.

All students start out in grade-specific homerooms at 9:30am. Here, the homeroom leader takes attendance, checks in with their students, and prays for any prayer requests. Each homeroom leaders stays with their students as they change grade levels. So a homeroom leader will journey with their students from their freshman year until they graduate. Jr. Highers have their own homeroom. After homerooms, at 9:30am, students break out to the class of their choosing.  



Life Groups are a vital part of our ministry at NFCSM. Life Groups are designed to enhance peer-to-peer accountability, faith discussions, and fun! They are gender and age specific and meet in leaders' homes at 6pm on Sundays each week. 

If you are interested in joining a Life Group, e-mail Pastor Brian at



The Hub is our youth worship gathering. Typically, we will meet together and worship the Lord through discussions,songs, testimonies, sermons, or maybe even a game. During the school year, this service is our corporate gathering for Jr. and Sr. Highers on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:45pm. During the summer months, this service moves to Sunday mornings as well as Wednesdays.





Brian Loeber, Youth Pastor
Val Wigg, Youth Ministry Apprentice