Marcus LeBaron, Children's Pastor

Hello and welcome to the ‘Who is Pastor Marcus?’ page.  If you’re reading this page, I figure you’re wanting to know a bit more about who I am and what I stand for; so hang on, here we go.
My name is Marcus LeBaron.  Though born in Michigan, I have lived most of my life in Idaho and consider myself a Nampa native.  Idaho is an amazing place to live and minster—I love camping with my family, hunting with my friends, mountain biking with my wife, and just generally appreciating all of the natural beauty that surrounds this valley. 
I am the husband to an amazing wife.  Her name is Sarah, and we have been married since 1998.  She is the love of my life and a true partner in ministry, and if you haven’t met her, I can’t wait to introduce you to her.  
God has blessed me with four awesome boys, whom I can’t say enough good about.  We have also recently added a little girl to our family; her name is Hope and we just brought her home from China!  If you’re in the halls of the Family Life Center on a Sunday, chances are you’ll catch us trying to navigate the hallways holding on to little hands, Bibles, take home papers, and movies from the NFC library.  It’s a busy time, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the riches in the world. 
The last member of our family is a little rat-looking thing we call a dog.  Because of our kids’ animal dander allergies, we have a Hairless Chinese Crested; his name is Jasper, and he brings great joy to our family. 
Growing up, I knew I was going to be one of two things:  I was either going to be the next lead singer for the Newsboys or I was going to join the air force and be fighter jock.  Yes, I know there’s quite a spread of difference there, and thankfully, the Lord knew what he was doing and gave me the best job in the world—being a Children’s Pastor. 
I have served as a Children’s Pastor since 1998, and I have had the blessing of being the Children’s Pastor here at Nampa First since May of 2001.  My primary responsibilities entail Pastoring 1st-6th grade kids and their families, which includes all the many varied rights and responsibilities, joys and sorrows.  My life’s passion has and will always be reaching, teaching, and equipping kids to love, follow, and serve Jesus; but now it’s starting to look a bit different in how I do that.  I think I’m actually going through a ‘job transition’.  As they say, ‘the times are a changing’, and if statistics hold true, the amount of time I have to influence a child with the love of Jesus is shrinking dramatically. 
Current statistics say that a child will attend church one hour a week.  That’s it!  That’s pretty much all the influence that I’m going to be able to have in a child’s life; one hour out of 168 hours a week.  I’m sure you’re realizing that after sick days, vacations, etc, the amount of hours of influence that I can have on a child’s life is 40-52 hours a year.  That’s it. 
Now, each of these kids have some sort of parental units, whom, as statistics and articles are again attesting to, still have the greatest influence upon their children.  If there are 168 hours in a week, and you take out 56 hours for sleeping (8 hours a night x 7—if that were only true!) and 30 hours a week for school, you are left with 82 hours a week of influence that a parent has available.  Wow.  Parents have 82 waking hours a week available to influence their children, verses the 40-52 a year that I have.  I do know that I’ve been speaking in generalizations, but the trend holds true:  the greatest opportunity to pass on our faith and spiritual heritage to our children happens at home, rather than at the church.  The truth is, it’s not either or, it’s a partnership, and God has been leading and directing in new and amazing ways and He has filled me with a huge passion for equipping and resourcing parents to be the primary faith shapers of their children.  This passion is starting to be reflected in some foundational and philosophical shifts that are taking place here at NFC, and it’s an exciting time not only in my life, but in the life of Nampa First. 
I hope this gives you a brief snapshot of myself and what drives me.  If you have kids or a passion for sharing Jesus and partnering with kids and parents, I’d love to have you join me on this journey of passing on our faith to our kids!
Because of His Love,
Pastor Marcus