Barry Lucas, Director of Celebrate Recovery
Recovery and Restoration, is not only possible, it is my life, my calling and my hobby!  Recovery and Restoration, expresses what God has done for me and what He is doing in the lives of so many others.
My Hobby: Recovering vintage or classic vehicles that have been forgotten or neglected.  I love pulling them out of the weeds or digging them out of old warehouses or barns.  What a joy it is to strip away the layers of neglect and abuse.  Sometimes, taking it right down to the frame and starting over.  Sandblasting - welding - sealing - priming - painting a piece at a time.  It takes love, hard work and time, but restoration is possible and so worth it!
My Calling: Leading God's people that find themselves, at times, feeling neglected and hurt.  Hurts turn into hang-ups and hang-ups can turn in to habits.  Celebrate Recovery is sharing their struggles, strengths, hurts, and hopes with others in a Christ-centered recovery process.  It takes love, hardwork and time, but restoration is possible and so worth it!
I invite you to join us at Celebrate Recovery, as we find freedom from hurts, hang-ups and habits, through a stronger personal relationship with Jesus Christ as "Higher Power"!  Let Him strip away the layers of neglect and abuse and enjoy true restoration!
"Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person.  The past is forgotten, and everything is new."  2 Corinthians 5:17 (Contemporary English Version)
See you soon,
May Christ be praised!